• State Quarters

    Current version: 3.0, Price: free

    Manage your collection of state quarters. Every time you bump into a state quarter, you can check on the spot if you have it already or not. Don’t miss another quarter and stop collecting doubles!

    Click on a coin to access information about each state and coin (including links to the U.S. Mint and Wikipedia)

    You can decide to record the mint of origin of your quarters (Philadelphia, Denver or San Francisco). If you don’t care about that, and all you are interested in are the different designs, you can easily bypass the mint-recording function. Statistics about your collection (with mint information or not) are available by clicking on the collection banner at the top of the list.

    The collection information can be saved to or restored from a text file. Conveniently, the file is also human-readable. Use this backup/restore feature to prevent losing your collection data.

    This application is NOT endorsed in any way by the U.S. Mint.

    For any concerns about your privacy, please refer to theĀ Privacy Policy.