• Sensor Insider

    Current version: 3.1.2, Price: $2.49

    The new version of Sensor Insider Pro is finally here! Sensor Insider has been completely redesign, with many new exciting features.

    Turn your phone into a data acquisition device! Sensor Insider unleashes the data collection potential of your device, so you can advantage of the many sensors in your hands for your professional or leisure use. A custom data logger with similar capabilities could cost you thousands of dollars. Sensor Insider brings you all that for just a few dollars!

    You can purchase the new and improved Sensor Insider Pro for only $2.49 for a limited time.

    With Sensor Insider Pro you can

    • Acquire data from multiple source simultaneously
    • Display data in different ways (plots, map, numeric)
    • Take screenshots of your plots
    • Save acquisition info and data to file, which can be reopened for further analysis
    • Export data to file in Matlab, CSV (Excel-compatible), or KML (for Google Earth) format, for further analysis on a computer

    Supported sources

    • All “standard” sensors (acceleration, magnetic field, light,…)
    • GPS and network location
    • Sound level
    • Battery
    • Phone and WiFi signal (data availability varies by phone)
    • System resouces

    For any concerns about your privacy, please refer to the Privacy Policy.

    Watch the Getting Started with Sensor Insider video tutorial on YouTube. The video explains the basic features of the application. More advanced features are explained in the help screen of the app.


    Data Display

    The new version of Sensor Insider extends the data display capabilities of the app.

    Plots: x-y plots now have the ability to have any variable on both axes (in previous versions, the x-axis was always the time axis). Like all other types of data display, it can be customized for ranging and appearance.

    PlotPlot Style Options

    Map Plot: you can plot any variable as a function of latitude and longitude. The route you plot on the map can be exported to KML format and displayed in Google Earth.

    Map PlotRoute on Google Earth

    Numeric: see the numeric value of the samples as they are recorded.