• Sensor Insider – Privacy Policy

    LucanaTech understands the importance of transparency and security when it comes to user data.

    What data does the application collect?

    • To provide a wide selection of sources for acquisition, Sensor Insider requires access to the following data on your device
      • Location
      • Audio recording
      • Network state

    Why is the data collected?

    • The data is collected exclusively for acquisition and plotting purposes within the application, following the user’s settings.

    Where is the data stored?

    • When running an acquisition, the data is stored solely on the device on which Sensor Insider runs.
    • The user can decide to export data to files. After exporting to file, the user is responsible for securing the data.
    • LucanaTech does not collect or store user data. Users can elect to share data with LucanaTech for technical support purposes.

    Is the data disclosed to third parties?

    • The data is not disclosed to any third parties.