• Is It Straight?

    Current version: 2.0, Price: $0.99

    Have you ever wondered if the picture you just hung is straight? This inclinometer/level gauge can answer that question by using the camera and accelerometer in your phone!
    Is It Straight measures the tilt angle of any object in front of you, and helps you align objects horizontally, vertically or at any angle.

    Example of use, with screenshots.
    1) The picture on the wall is tilted by 9 degrees (the blue lines is the reference line, which indicates where the horizontal direction is). The red dot indicates that we’re off by a lot.

    2) The picture now is within 1 degree of the horizontal direction. The green dot tells us that the picture is straight now.

    The application also has a vertical mode. In this case for example, the blue line indicates the vertical direction (which in fact is aligned to the vertical door frame), while the red line indicates the current orientation of the phone (45 degrees from vertical).

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